Hsiangyun relaxing in Dream of the Red Chamber

Life on the sideline

IN THE long run, we are all dead. So, the only life worth living is the laidback life, where one steps aside, relaxes and watches more energetic folks run the rat race.

Since October 1978 when I began life as a journalist in Singapore’s monopolistic newspaper, I’ve been writing not just news reports but personal-style essays, opinions and reviews (on books, films, computers and software programs). Instead of leaving them as yellowed cuttings in biscuit tins and shoe boxes, I’ve updated some of my published stories for the Web so they can be accessible to friends and sympathetic readers. On this Web site, I’ve also added the occasional contributions by others.

In three decades of journalism, I have written about practically everything under the moon (I write best at night), except fashion, golf, crime and movie stars. I’ve selected those pieces of writing I enjoyed reading back to myself (if you don’t enjoy reading what you’ve written, trash ’em). My themes are mainly loafing and leisure pursuits, pretty girls and dreams, life and the next life, and, always, Buddha’s exhortations to make the most of this human span before death hits us unexpectedly and inconveniently.

Except for Latin quotes and maxims, and excerpts from Chinese poems and the Classics, and the magisterial King James Bible (God save me from modern-day insipid translations!), there’s nothing pretentious here.

In the Tao Te Ching 道德經 it is said:

The best people are like water
bringing help to all creatures
without competing
choosing what others dislike
hence approaching the Tao
dwelling with nature
thinking with depth
helping with kindness
speaking with trust
governing with peace
working with ability
moving with timeliness
and without conflict
they get no blame.

I’m not among the best people, but I’m working on it.

Explore what I’mve got here and write your comments in the Guest Book at the bottom of this page.

– Francis Chin, January 2005, revised December 2013

Above passage is from chapter 8, Tao Te Ching,
translated by Red Pine

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Su Shih remembers his dead wife
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