Visit Borobudur before you move on . . .

Life is short, and there are places you must visit before you move on. One such destination is sacred Borobudur with its collection of Buddha statues in mindfulness meditation, as well as wall carvings depicting the various stages of enlightenment.

Borobudur in central Java was built more than a millennium ago, probably designed by Tibetan architects in an era where the Holy Dharma reigned supreme in all of Asia, from India and central Asia to China, Japan and South-east Asia.

Kings and emperors built huge structures to honour and embody Buddha's teachings, with Borobudur as the greatest of them all.

To visit Borobudur and sit among the stupas and Buddha sculptures is to place oneself in the centre of the spiritual universe, and feel the inspiration and motivation that has moved millions of people throughout history to seek enlightenment along the path set out by the Lord.

Getting there: There are direct flights by Air Asia, from Singapore to Yogyakarta. From Yogya, it’s an hour’s cab ride to Borobudur where you can stay the night in one of the many motels and hotels around the perimeter of the complex. Get up before daybreak so you can sit with the buddhas to catch the sun rising over the Java mountain range. – October 2016


Lifesized Buddha statues in mindfulness meditation in Borobudur
Lifesized Buddha statue in mindfulness meditation in Borobudur
Schoolchildren on an outing to Borobudur
Catching the sun rising over Borobudur
Visitors climbing the steep steps into Borobudur