Choose what you enjoy doing

It’s true we get involved in a job or activity, not because we like it or enjoy doing it, but because “everybody” says it’s such a “nice” thing to do, like attending a flower shop. A flower shop is a pretty sight, especially with a pretty girl inside; but I suspect many of these pretty shop girls are bored stiff and would rather be someplace else.

And somewhat perversely, the people who love to browse and handle flowers are usually much older women who have long since lost the first bloom of youth!

You can’t choose what you have to do (e.g. working in a dreary job because you need the money, and there are no other congenial jobs available), but you can certainly choose what you like to do.

You have a choice to spend your leisure time, effort and money in only the activities you enjoy doing, not what you see other people enjoyed doing.

I heard from some young girls who said that when they leave school, they want to be working as a salesgirl at a cosmetic and make-up kiosk inside a brand-name department store. But when I talked to the actual girls at the counter selling Chanel or Revlon, these girls complained of aching feet (having to stand for hours) and putting up with grouchy, wrinkled women customers who are the only ones with the cash to buy expensive beauty products.

Life is not a pretty sight for pretty girls selling beauty products to wrinkled customers!

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