Hsiang-yun among the peonies in Dream of the Red Chamber

Life on the sideline

IN THE long run, we are all dead, whether from a stroke, heart attack or from being thrown under a bus, or simply from plain old age. The only life worth living is the laidback life, where you step aside to savour each moment, and watch more energetic folks run the rat race.


The world is a beautiful place

Talking about the universe

Success in learning has no tomorrow

Cultural pretension is just a monkey show

Walking the Camino  Illustrated book by Singapore artist

The heart that turned to stone  Ashamed of his mother

Wild Geese  You do not have to be good

Wild Geese Memorial Service

Destination Earth  Great places for adventure travel

Spinoza philosopher saint

Digging out an old faun’s tooth  Lorenzo & Michelangelo

Places that have ponds

Changing tyres in Old Tampines Road  Dont!

Tang Poems

Yellow Crane Tower   Translating Li Bai

Song of the Pipa  琵琶行 Much-loved Chinese poem

Rainy Night in the Mountains  A night with his beloved

Because I could not stop for death says Emily Dickinson

Once is not enough  Pleasure of re-reading

Smart people do stupid things  Google mentor drowns

Choose what you enjoy doing 

Blooms from China  Song Dynasty lyrics

Wandering in my little garden

May not all your prayers be answered

One star aglow  in a vast nocturnal sky

If there were dreams to sell

God of beginnings & endings

On a lonesome road 

Thoughtful moon

Why is the dog barking?

Aging well with education & exercise

Pilots who can’t fly without computer

Giant in the skies

Through tear-clouded eyes 

Home is where the cupcakes are

The words that lead to a nuclear disaster

Faithful friends even unto death


When is the next tsunami?  Who knows?

We happy few, we band of brothers  Henry V

One equal temper of heroic hearts  Ulyssess

May you live a hundred years 

Sunset over Grandmas Penghu Bay

Wild geese
Meaning of Happiness for students
Hsiang Yun relaxing among flowers in Dream of the Red Chamber
Su Shih remembers his dead wife
Delight in reflecting on a pond
Eight immortals cross the sea
Ernest and Sam  at their cupcake cafe
Wizard of Oz
Education & exercise to live long and well
Sleeping sweetly amidst the sound of autumn rain