Die happy: Juggling, singing at Funan Centre, Aug 10, 2011
How does one die happy?

The standard answer is to have your wife, mistresses, children and grandchildren around your deathbed, all trying to look sad (but silently wondering when you’re going to make up your mind to give up the ghost, so that they can get on with the business of dividing up your money, your house and your antique collection).

This kind of ending is not happy, actually, because there is still the dying process that you have to go through, which is often painful, prolonged, and according to Tibetan lamas, scary.

As far as I’m concerned, dying is downright inconvenient and always premature. My caustic old pastor Rev. Fang (dead several decades ago) of Geylang Methodist Church used to remind his congregation, me included, that everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.

* So, how does one die happy? Have a fatal heart attack immediately after sex